Threads Introduce Web Feature for Quoting Posts New Update
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I was excited when Threads finally made its web debut in August. But I quickly noticed a crucial missing feature: the inability to quote posts, only repost them. (In the world of X/Twitter, this translates to a ‘quote tweet’ and a ‘retweet.’). However, this limitation has now been addressed, as Instagram’s Adam Mosseri announced on Thursday that quote posts on the web have been rolled out this week.

Threads Web Feature

To quote a post, simply click the two-arrow icon and then select the ‘quote’ option.


Mosseri also mentioned that Threads users on mobile can now follow a thread and receive notifications for it. Although this feature hasn’t appeared on my iOS device yet, I anticipate it will arrive soon.


While these may seem like minor enhancements. Even small additions contribute to making Threads a more viable alternative to X (formerly Twitter). Nevertheless, X still offers a livelier experience. Threads has some ground to cover to match the immediacy that X/Twitter is renowned for.”

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