Finally, Threads will have a search feature.
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There are a lot of effects that vestments, Meta’s Twitter( X?) relief, can not do. druggies can not DM on vestments. druggies can not edit alt textbooks on vestments. While druggies can technically include hashtags in a Threads post, they’re useless because they are not clickable. vestments doesn’t have a threading content section. Until lately, druggies could not use vestments on desktops.

But sluggishly, Meta is moving to change that. They lately launched vestments on desktop, so druggies are not sequestered to posting from their phones. Meta added a” following” feed which made the app remarkably more stoner-friendly, and also added a new Reposts tab. And, now, it’s starting to test keyword hunt in Australia and New Zealand.
According to the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, the test began on Thursday, Aug. 31 and will expand to other English- speaking countries including soon. Meta didn’t respond to a request for comment on how soon” soon” might be.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, posted about the new update on vestments, saying” Get agitated– hunt is coming to vestments.”

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