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Revolutionizing Oncology with AI and Digital Twins of Cancer Patients

By techyrise.com

Oncology Dell and University of Limerick( UL) in Ireland have teamed up to advance cancer exploration using AI. Specifically, the

Employing Artificial Intelligence to Assist in the Search and Recovery of Missing Children

By techyrise.com

Here's How AI Can Help in Locating Missing Children and Bringing Them Back Safely to Their Families

This season, Thursday Night Football will feature a ton of AI via Amazon.

By techyrise.com

This NFL season, if you watch a Thursday Night Football match-up on Amazon Prime Video, you're probably going to see

Germany increases funding for “made in Europe” AI.

By techyrise.com

Germany AI funding boost: On Wednesday, the German government reported that it would almost twofold its financing for computerized reasoning

With 95% accuracy, a deep learning Algorithm can steal data by listening to clicks.

By techyrise.com

Cybersecurity and Deep Learning A group of UK researchers has educated a deep studying version to interpret keystrokes remotely based