Employing Artificial Intelligence to Assist in the Search and Recovery of Missing Children

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Artificial Intelligence

When a child goes missing in the United States, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children( NCMEC) is frequently among the first to hear about it. Established following an act of Congress in 1984, the nonprofit helps to raise public mindfulness around a child who’s faded, with the thing of bringing them home to their loved ones.

It’s a laborious, meticulous, and emotionally straining job — and bone that’s decreasingly being backed, and made more effective, by using artificial intelligence.


NCMEC receives millions of tips at a time, reporting cases of rape, abuse, and trafficking of children — around 22,000 of which involve a child going missing. NCMEC now puts AI to work to help in snappily drawing up photos of the missing children by removing backgrounds, changing clothes, or airbrushing out other, innocent children. But it’s once a child has been set up and reunited with their family that the process of relating and executing the person responsible for their abuse or absence begins and that’s where AI really comes into its own.

Erecting a case against a child abductor or abuser frequently involves vast volumes of substantiation, all of which needs to be sifted through to find the applicable information to present at trial. “ We used to have to do discovery on a case, ” says Gavin Portnoy, vice chairman of strategic advancement and hookups at NCMEC.

“ The legal side of the shop would spend hours upon hours going through emails, attached documents — introductory, background logical effects that go to the case. ”

preliminarily, that process needed staff to severance through documents to find leads — a laborious process that would take numerous hours of work. But now, NCMEC utilizes an AI tool called Logikcull, from tech company Reveal, which deploys machine literacy to look through the huge volumes of information and point content that could be helpful in erecting a case. “ The legal platoon also gets to spend further time on actually helping families and kiddies, ” says Portnoy.

Time-saving is important for an association like NCMEC, which has only an eight-person legal platoon and a four-person imaging and dispatches platoon. Last time, NCMEC had 32 million reports into its cyber tip line, each one of which could theoretically have been a case that a legal platoon demanded to dissect.( That’s up from 8 million reports in 2014.)

“ To have AI, and in this case this specific tool, to help us cut through that noise, we ’re suitable to use our limited coffers to more help those kiddies, ”

Portnoy says.

According to Reveal author and CEO Wendell Jisa, Logikcull has saved NCMEC further than 4,000 hours of time sifting through documents.

“ Any bloodsucker who has been fulfilled and doomed due to NCMEC entering a tip in the once many times has probably had their case flow through Reveal’s Logikcull product, ”

Jisa says.

NCMEC struggles

One of the biggest challenges NCMEC struggles with when erecting a case against an alleged bloodsucker or kidnapper is scale. “ The duplication piece is grand, ” says Portnoy. Every dispatch NCMEC gathers in its examinations, plus replies, forwarding, and attachments, used to be a record in the NCMEC system when erecting a case. “ You can imagine, we’ve some cases with one image and some cases with hundreds, ” he says.

“ This used to be a fully homemade process for us. That’s where we ’re seeing the time savings, where we ’re suitable to allocate further coffers toward casework. ”

For Portnoy, the use of AI in NCMEC’s work serves as a negation to some of the broader fears around the tech.

Artificial Intelligence

“ It’s really easy for us to look at the negatives of what AI is doing in the world of child sexual abuse material and child protection, ” But in this case, “ It excites us to see how we can use this, to use our limited coffers to more help cover children. ”

he says.

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