People In Europe Are Distrustful Of AI Safety.
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To put it mildly, the fast emergence of AI has stirred up conflicting emotions. As a “force for good,” it is praised by some experts, while others warn that it also poses a “risk of extinction.”

Decision intelligence startup Morning Consult Pro polled 1,000 individuals in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK to get a sense of how European customers feel about artificial intelligence.


With the exception of Spain, where it comes fourth, the poll revealed that AI-powered web search is one of the top three most intriguing applications worldwide.

The incorporation of AI into medical diagnoses, road assistance, and airline and lodging suggestions also thrill the respondents .The overwhelming majority of polled European consumers do, however, feel that society is not yet ready for AI. The strongest emotion was voiced by 74% and 70% of respondents in France and Germany, respectively.

The reasons for the delay include worries about the dissemination of false information, child safety, and the privacy of personal information. Only around three out of ten responders specifically trust generative AI with their personal information.

The primary concern in the UK and Spain is the hasty development of AI by IT firms.

Concerns about AI are closely related to the need for regulation made by European consumers. In all markets, more than half of respondents concur that there should be strict government regulation of AI. The figure rises to 66% in Spain and 64% in the UK, where the government supports a method based on innovation rather of the tougher, more risk-based AI Act of the EU.


Consumers are interested in AI, which they anticipate will play a significant role in the future, according to the survey’s overall findings. However, there are also a lot of worries about the possible misuse of technology and its unpredictability.

“Companies seeking to integrate AI into their products and services should be cognizant of where consumers draw the line.”

— Jordan Marlatt, Lead Tech Analyst at Moring Consult Pro

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