Microsoft offers users with AI copyright violations legal protection.
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Users of Microsoft’s new AI adjunct Skipper will have lower to worry about when it comes to the legal ramifications of their AI-generated work, according to a new policy that offers broad brand protections to Microsoft’s AI druggies.

” As clients ask whether they can use Microsoft’s Skipper services and the affair they induce without fussing about brand claims, we’re furnishing a straightforward answer yes, you can, and if you’re challenged on brand grounds, we will assume responsibility for the implicit legal pitfalls involved,”

the company wrote in its announcement.

However, we will defend the client and pay the quantum of any adverse judgments or agreements that affect the action, as long as the client used the rails and content pollutants we’ve erected into our products,” If a third party sues a marketable client for brand violation for using Microsoft’s Pilots or the affair they induce.”

Specifically, Microsoft’s Skipper Brand Commitment extends Microsoft’s IP remuneration content to labor generated by its AI chatbots and AI-powered sidekicks. The policy applies to paid druggies of its products and content generated under Microsoft’s own content pollutants and in-house safety systems.” We’re charging our marketable guests for our Pilots and if their use creates legal issues, we should make this our problem rather than our guests ’ problem,” Microsoft writes.


It builds on the company’s broader AI client Commitments and AI Assurance Program intended to help guests responsibly use and emplace AI operations like Copilot and Bing Chat Enterprise.

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