Cyberpunk 2077 “Update 2.0” will be so large that you should just start a new game
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Cyberpunk 2077’s solitary extension is out the following month, however ostensibly the greater arrangement is a bigger “Update 2.0” showing up with it. Album Projekt Red has been discussing the manners in which it’s modifying the 2020 RPG’s expertise trees, shield frameworks, and police computer-based intelligence since Summer Game Fest, however. It was the present Premiere night Live stream that gave us the primary glance at Update 2.0. As well as the new toys in the Apparition Freedom extension, in real life.

Presumably, the single greatest redesign to Cyberpunk’s guts is the ability trees, which will have new advantages to supplement playstyles. That replaces the old infinitesimal rate updates. We see a couple of these in the trailer — a slug redirecting expertise for katanas. New executions for scuffle weapons, an air run, a strength capacity that allows you in a real sense to throw bodies, and a great gun ability that seems to be Cassidy’s Deadeye extreme.


Those new advantages, which will be executed into the vanilla Cyberpunk experience, isolate to another tree of “Artifact” capacities selective to Apparition Freedom proprietors. These look overwhelming, to say the least — a Mantis Edges update that allows you to jump toward targets like a Left 4 Dead Tracker or a Gorilla Arms identical. Which transform your clenched hands into gravity hammers.
On the off chance that you’ve been thinking about the choice of whether to begin another Cyberpunk 2077 save fully expecting Ghost Freedom. I formally persuade it’s smart. It seems as though it’ll be feasible to respec a current person to the new advantage trees. Yet the abilities sound different enough that it’d be less bumping to progressively open them.

Also, different changes will, in principle, cause old missions to feel new. Update 2.0 likewise adds vehicle battle, which implies one or two things: V can now utilize firearms while driving. Hack different vehicles Guard dog’s style to make them crazy. A few vehicles are truly furnished with weapons themselves (however that last one may be a Ghost Freedom thing). Filling those vehicle pursues is the recently improved NCPD simulated intelligence that will give pursue. CDPR has made some amazing progress from magically transporting cop ambushes.

While the Update 2.0 enhancements sound stimulating. I don’t think I’d pursue playthrough three without that new Ghost Freedom extension in the blend. Players will get close enough to Apparition Freedom content at around the center of the principal story. I wouldn’t drive excessively far beyond that point before going to Dogtown, because

is where you’ll find “new dress things, weapons, cyberwar, from there, the sky is the limit.”

CDPR says that

I played the start of Apparition Freedom at Summer Game Fest. That was to find the extension’s new locale, Dogtown, is an extra of Night City’s unfortunately underuse for the Pacifica area. However, we don’t have any idea how long the extension is. My hour-and-a-half demo gave the feeling that it’s an independent story like The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine.

Cyberpunk 2077: Apparition Freedom is out September 26.

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