Electric Air Taxi Complete First Untethered Test Flight

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Vertical Aerospace’s electric-powered city air taxi has finished its maiden untethered flight, marking a considerable milestone for the Bristol-based startup.

The flight occurred on Wednesday at Cotswold Airport in southwest England, wherein a full-scale prototype of the VX4, the corporation’s eVTOL, flew at approximately 70km/h or forty knots.

Consistent with the employer, the plane become remotely piloted and reached the centered speed powered only by its battery propulsion machine. It managed to raise, hover, fly, and land successfully.

Based on the aid of British entrepreneur Stephen Fitzpatrick, Vertical Aerospace entered the eVTOL international in 2016 with the imagination and prescience to electrify urban air mobility.

The VX4 is powered by eight electric vehicles mounted on movable nacelles and its 1MW powertrain is co-advanced with Rolls- Royce. The eVTOL also boasts a 161km range with a pinnacle pace of 322km/h. The startup claims it can fly from London’s Heathrow Airport to Canary Wharf in thirteen seconds.

As an air taxi, the plane can carry 5 people in general, together with the pilot. In addition, it could be used as a medivac or cargo plane.

The VX4 is pending certification via the UK Aviation Authority in 2026, whilst Vertical Aerospace expects to start delivering its first eVTOLs. Though, the startup has received 1,400 pre-orders from airways, operators, and condo businesses. Those include some large international enterprise players consisting of American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air Asia, Japan Airlines, and Gol.

Following this week’s successful takeoff, the organization’s planning further flight checks over the approaching months, in addition to growing a 2nd prototype plane with an “even more superior era,” the startup said in a declaration. Can see photos of the flight in the video below:

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