Challenges Arise with Starfield Pipes
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Many Starfield players share their frustrations with the way pipes are arranged throughout the space-themed RPG from Bethesda.

A Starfield player has refocused some issues with the layout of pipes throughout the game’s procedurally generated macrocosm. The veritably hyped and largely awaited sci-fi RPG by Bethesda eventually launched on September 6, and though its review scores haven’t been as high as some might have anticipated or hoped, Starfield is still being attributed to a shaft in Xbox press deals in recent weeks.

Feedback about the game has been a mixed bag so far, with people bemoaning the title’s procedural generation that results in an extensive but repetitious macrocosm that numerous feel doesn’t leave disquisition. Some press players are also unhappy that Bethesda limited the game to 30 FPS on Xbox Series X/ S for performance reasons.

At the same time, gamers have been having a great time customizing their spaceships in Starfield, creating everything from Bulbasaur-themed vessels to the Batwing to Star Wars ’ Millennium Falcon.

Some players are also calling out what they consider to be striking issues with the pipeline systems in Starfield’s macrocosm. Reddit stoner Halolavapigz lately participated in a number of images of colorful pipe setups visible throughout the game world, clarifying that their family works as pipe fitters in real life and is incredibly bothered by the pipes. Granted, this is an issue that the maturity of Starfield players presumably wouldn’t notice, let alone be upset by, but for those who know more, it can be a distracting problem.

The questionable areas have been circled in Halolavapigz’s images, pressing the fact that numerous of the pipes in Starfield have gratuitous and hamstrung angles that would in no way be incorporated for any functional operation.

Rather than using a single straight pipe to negotiate a task, the imaginary workers who set up the systems in Starfield decided for all manner of unreasonable twists and turns. One comment written by another pipe fitter agreed, saying,

“ Why would they use three elbows rather than 1?? ”

Other compendiums, including one plumber, refocused that analogous shy work has been done in the real world by plumbers who were either lazy or running short on time.

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