Baldur’s Gate 3 Cast Plays D&D One-Shot as In-Game Characters
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Baldur’s Gate 3

Latterly this week, you can watch numerous cast members from Baldur’s Gate 3, a game that’s grounded heavily on the mechanics and macrocosm of Dungeons & Dragons, play the tabletop interpretation of Dungeons & Dragons as their characters from the videotape game. It sounds meta but stupendous.


The cast members will be appearing on High Breakers, a live- play D&D show that aqueducts on Twitch, on Friday at 7PM BST/ 2PM ET/ 11AM PT.

“ We’ve veritably kindly been approached by( Baldur’s Gate 3 inventor) Larian Studios and some rather fine guests to run a little D&D one-shot, ”

dungeon master Mark Hulmes said in a videotape about the event.

Samantha Béart( Karlach), Tim Downie( Gale Dekarios), Jennifer English( Shadowheart), Theo Solomon( Wyll Ravengard), Neil Newbon( Astarion), and Devora Wilde( Lae’zel) are all part of the show.

Baldur's Gate 3
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All six of the actors bring fantastic performances to Baldur’s Gate 3, so I imagine it’ll be a blast to see them conduct their videotape game personas into a round of tabletop D&D. still, you ’ll be suitable to catch it on the High Breakers podcast feed soon after, If you miss the show on Twitch.

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