AtkinsRéalis ‘New Murabba’ for Riyadh’s mega-down project
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he heart of Riyadh, a transformative vision takes shape as New Murabba, the city’s proposed mega downtown, emerges with the adept support of AtkinsRéalis, a leading project management firm. Owned entirely by the Saudi wealth fund Public Investment Fund (PIF), the visionary developer, New Murabba Development Company (NMDC), sees AtkinsRéalis as a crucial partner in translating the grand vision into reality.

Shaping Dreams: The Masterplan and Iconic Mukaab Building

Sabah Barakat, Acting CEO of New Murabba Development Company, expresses pride in AtkinsRéalis’s pivotal role in designing the master plan and the iconic Mukaab building. The ongoing collaboration extends beyond initial phases, with recent contract awards focusing on detailed master plans and infrastructure design and the conceptualization of the remarkable Mukaab structure.

Mukaab Tower: A Glimpse into the Extraordinary

At the heart of New Murabba stands the much-anticipated ‘Mukaab’ tower, projected to be the “world’s largest immersive destination.” The term ‘Mukaab,’ translating to ‘cube’ in Arabic, encapsulates the essence of this architectural marvel. Imagine an “internal skyscraper,” towering at 400 meters in height, 400 meters in width, and 400 meters in length – a feat that will etch its name in history as one of the largest constructed buildings.

AtkinsRéalis ‘New Murabba’ for Riyadh’s mega-down project

AtkinsRéalis: A Vision Aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Future

AtkinsRéalis secured its position by winning the architectural and master planning competition for Riyadh’s new landmark, the New Murabba project. Campbell Gray, CEO of AtkinsRéalis, Middle East, and Africa, emphasizes the project’s alignment with Saudi Arabia’s national vision. The venture contributes significantly to infrastructure development, empowers the private sector, and creates job opportunities for local talent.

In a statement, Gray asserts, “The New Murabba project aligns with Saudi Arabia’s national vision aimed at developing the infrastructure, enabling the private sector, and creating job opportunities for local talent.”

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